Seniors Aging Gracefully have many different programs that not only teach seniors how to use modern technology, they also have programs to give these seniors social events, field trips, and workshop and resources to name a few. Here’s a couple of examples with a small description of what each program entails.

Computer Technology: With Seniors having some trouble with technology, SAG has crash courses for seniors to be able to learn and understand what their phone and tablet can do as well as how to do it.

Arts & Creative Expressions: With being partnered with Tidewater Arts Outreach Seniors get the chance to make art with different materials to be able to express themselves in their own way!

Fitness & Wellness: With the program of S.W.A.G (Senior Wellness and Activity Group) these programs include physical and mental health exercises. These activities include line dancing, yoga, karaoke, salsa dancing, jazzercise and chair Zumba.

Seniors Sowing Seeds Intergenerational Mentorship Program: This program is officially partnered with the Norfolk Public school to provide a mutual benefit between elementary students and the seniors of the community. The program’s goal is to provide engaged for seniors and for the elementary children to have a mentor and supportive figure. These mentors are required to have a criminal background check but after passing they would be a supportive role models for the students. These roles include provide mentoring, serving as chaperones, offering reading/math/literacy support, guidance, motivation and emotional support to the children.

These programs are just scratching the surfaces. We do more than just these programs. We meet at least once month and post any programs that we will be doing on our Facebook. 

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